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Why do I need more materials?

The original kit supplies enough materials for one elf and one child. These add-ons are for those who want materials to include all of the elves and children in your household. If you have more than one child and only get the original kit, only one child will be able to participate.

What type of materials are provided for additional children?

In the original kit, there is one set of activities given to your child from your elf such as coloring pages with crayons, puzzles, scavenger hunts, etc.

I have a mix of believers and non-believers. Why should I pay for materials for children that do not believe?

I get this question often. I always ask, will the believers ask questions and are you prepared to answer? Will they ask why their elf didn't bring their older siblings any activities? Will they ask if they are in trouble? If you have any doubts, I would suggest getting materials for all children.

Fun is for any age. Just because they don't believe doesn't mean they can't color, paint, do a puzzle, etc. Even if they don't believe, it is a bonding activity for all your children. However, only you know your children best. If you can get away with it without ruining the magic, don't worry about the extra materials!

What type of materials are provided for additional elves?

While some days additional elves can easily be incorporated in the scenes, other days supplies are needed to make them all participate in the mischief. For example, one year the elf was playing golf. With the additional elf materials, an additional elf would have their own golf ball and putter.

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